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sigfreda sele

Meet Sigfreda Sele the owner of Renewed Covering. Established in 2021, Sigfreda has been on a mission to make a positive and bold impact in the beauty and lifestyle industry.  “Any business venture can seem intimidating at first, but this one was given to me! I know I’m called to be the change I want I want to see in my generation.” Growing up in a consumer-based society we are always being taught what products to reach for and influenced by popular culture that sways our opinions. After years of dealing with harsh chemicals and toxins found in everyday cosmetic products, Sigfreda decided to take action and create a product line that could reflect the journey she began to take with YAH. Renewed Covering is a brand that not only offers natural alternatives for both hair and skincare but caters to the woman who is actively transitioning into her “newness”. “As the owner of Renewed Covering, my biggest transition to date has been coming out of darkness and into his [Yahusha’s] marvelous light. Renewed Covering can be seen as a business built on faith, spirit, and passion for remarkable change.” By keeping every woman and girl’s personal journey in mind, a more natural hair and skin care shift will bring ease, accessibility most importantly results! There are thousands of choices to choose from, Renewed Covering wants to partner with you as you leave the old things behind, (harsh chemicals, synthetics, and toxins…) and press into the world of new. Take a look at the Renewed Intent concerning hair and skin care. A reset can take place in many areas of life, we’ve got you covered on this end.

PSALMS 91:4 / He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings, you will find refuge♥️

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